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Resolve Through Sharing

Resolve Through Sharing Training for Organizations

Resolve Through Sharing has designed online courses to introduce or enhance bereavement care for all staff members within your healthcare facility. They’re designed to help organizations comply with The Joint Commission standards for end-of-life and bereavement care.

You’ll have the benefit of a highly interactive and engaging training experience that’s available to all employees at multiple locations, when they need it, with fully centralized record keeping via our Learning Management System (LMS) or yours.

To find out more about Resolve Through Sharing Online training and special pricing for your organization, call 608-775-4747 or email

For more information about other training opportunities and RTS program materials, please visit or call 800-362-9567 ext. 54747

* The Resolve Through Sharing Library is now available through HealthStream. If you are a HealthStream customer, contact your account manager about adding it to your course offerings.